Hagen to run BOSS Chassis in 2015

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Hagen to run BOSS Chassis in 2015


March 3, 2015 – Darren Hagen is going into his 2015 racing season with high hopes for a very successful year! The Six-Time USAC Champion is excited to be teamed up with Austin Brown and Seth Motsinger while he pursues the 2015 POWRi National Midget Series Championship in an Esslinger powered Boss Chassis!

“I’m really looking forward to working with my crew chief, Flea Ruzic, and with Austin and Seth as teammates,” said Darren. “We got a chance to work together earlier this year at the Chili Bowl and I think we’re all going to have a lot of fun and hopefully chalk up some wins!”

The POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series has scheduled nearly 40 events for 2015 and will cap off the season with the $20,000 to win Jason Leffler Memorial, which is promoted by Doug Stringer at Wayne County Speedway and sponsored by Great Clips. A full rundown of Darren’s current 2015 schedule can be seen at http://www.darrenhagen.net/Schedule.aspx .

Darren would like to thank these companies for their support going into the 2015 season: Boss Chassis, Great Clips, Star Nursery, Hinchman Indy, Bell Helmets, Lucas Oil, Al & Diane’s Red Onion Lounge, Advanced Racing Suspensions, ElliottBrand Web Designs, DirtTrackTrader.com, and Shell Shock Custom Helmet Painting. He will also be announcing some new partnerships soon! If you represent a company that would like to develop a marketing partnership with Darren, please send a message through his website at http://www.darrenhagen.net/.

For more information on Darren, please stay tuned to his website

at http://www.darrenhagen.net, on Twitter

at http://www.twitter.com/D_hagen, and on Facebook

at http://www.facebook.com/darrenhagenracing/.


Steve Elliott



Rosenboom Wins Miniakota Series Championship in a Boss Chassis Micro

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Rock Rapids, IA. – Jody Rosenboom of Rock Rapids, Iowa claimed the 2014 Miniakota Cup Series title.  Racing 360 and 410 sprint cars since the early 2000’s, Rosenboom jumped into micros for the first time in 2014 after picking up his new Boss Chassis in early March.  Utilizing his new Suzuki-powered Boss Chassis, he picked up 9 Miniakota Cup series wins racing towards the championship.

The Miniakota Cup championship is calculated through the combined Miniakota wing and non-wing overall traveling series champion. This points structure showcases the best driver that can master both winged and non-wing racing, while adapting to the different tracks the series visits.

“Our team couldn’t have accomplished this without the Boss Chassis and everyone at KBR Performance.  It’s a great racecar and we couldn’t be happier.  As the interest in the Boss Chassis continues to grow, look to Rosy’s Raceland as your one-stop Boss Chassis dealer.”

For more information on the Boss Chassis micro, contact Rosy’s Raceland at 712-472-2990 or Boss Chassis direct at 618-538-5270.

Dereck King Wins POWRi 600cc Outlaw Feature at SIR and 24th Career POWRi Victory

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Marion, IL. – Dereck King of Vienna, Illinois used lap traffic to his advantage ousting Nathan Benson and Aaron Andruskevitch in the 25 lap POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series feature event at the 1/8 mile high-banked Southern Illinois Raceway.

At the drop of the green flag, pole-sitter Aaron Andruskevitch of Riverton, Illinois would jump into the early lead over Matt Ponder of Festus, Missouri.  As Andruskevitch’s Suzuki-powered Stallard Chassis took off in a blistering pace, Nathan Benson of Concordia, Missouri maneuvered his Suzuki-powered Pace Chassis into the second position over Ponder.  With Ponder behind him, Benson set his sights on Andruskevitch, working to cut his lead.

While Benson slowly chipped away at Andruskevitch’s lead, the yellow was brought out by Chris Elliott.  Elliott, running in the 10th position entered turn three the rear axle snapping, sent Elliott towards the outside retaining wall off turn four, his machine coming to a stop just shy of the fence.  He would be done for the remainder of the event.  With seven laps down and the field bunched back up, Benson would start to size up Andruskevitch when the field resumed green flag racing.  On lap 10, Zac Taylor of Washington, Indiana would bring out the second caution of the evening after getting caught up on the infield berm and coming to a stop.

When green flag racing resumed, Benson picked up where he left off and began working over Andruskevitch for the lead.  As the duo began sliding each other for the lead, Dereck King of Vienna, Illinois overtook Jeremy Camp of Blue Mound, Illinois for the third position.  With the leaders coming up on lap traffic, Dereck King in the Josh Kilgore-owned, Honda-powered Boss Chassis reeled in the battling duo, bringing the fans to their feet.

As soon as Andruskevitch got around the first lap car, Benson would make a move sliding by both Andruskevitch and the lap car.  With neither driver realizing how close King was, as quickly as both drivers came up on the next lap car, King would fly by into the lead using the lap car to pick off both Benson and Andruskevitch.  Following King to the line would be Benson in second and Andruskevitch in third.  Coming in fourth was Joe B. Miller and rounding out the top five was Jeremy Camp.

“This car is so awesome,” said a victorious Dereck King.  “Josh made all the right calls.  To win right here at home is pretty awesome.  I got lucky and got him there in lap traffic.  I’m glad we were there at the end, starting ninth and ending up where we did.  Man, I love this place.”

“Hats off to Dereck King, he was fast,” stated second place finisher Nathan Benson.  “We started sixth; he started ninth, so he had to be rolling.  I wish we could have made the slide job stick and got out front, maybe we could have checked out.  This is an awesome race track.  This place has bit me at some of the biggest races with blown engines and crashes that I couldn’t avoid and it’s good to finish a close race like that.  Thanks to the fans who stuck it out being cold.  This is an awesome race track.”

“We normally never run good down here,” stated third place finisher Aaron Andruskevitch.  “Hats off to Dereck, this is his home track.  Anytime we come down here and run with Dereck, it’s kind of like when Dereck comes up and runs Jacksonville, my home track.  It’s good to do that.  Being able to run wheel to wheel with Nathan like that, slide jobs back and forth and never touch a wheel.  The fans saw one good race tonight.”

POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series Feature Results (25 laps): 1 – Dereck King  2. 2B – Nathan Benson  3. 21 – Aaron Andruskevitch  4. 51B – Joe B. Miller  5. 23 – Jeremy Camp  6. 00 – Matt Ponder  7. 2P – Jake Palmisano  8. 77W – Joey Wirth  9. 79J – Jacob Patton  10. 3B – Shelby Bosie  11. 9K – Kyle Schuett  12. 16B – Dakota Busche  13. 2C – Chris Cobin  14. 14P – Broc Pemberton  15. 44T – Zac Taylor  16. 20 – Tayler Hungate  17. 39 – Austin Stewart  18. 14 – Kurt Westerfield  19. 51 – Andy Bishop  20. 99 – Alec Long  21. 52 – Jason Harms  22. 65E – Chad Elliott

King Scores POWRi 600cc Outlaw Micro Wing Feature

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Driving the Josh Kilgore-owned, FTZ-powered Boss Chassis, Dereck King of Vienna, Illinois held off repeated attempts from Nathan Benson to win in fan-thrilling fashion, the 20 lap POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series feature.  “Progressively we’ve gotten better,” explained a victorious King.  “I can’t thank Boss Chassis enough.  As far as I’m concerned, we’ve beat the best in the business. I elbowed up there at the end and said he’s [Nathan Benson] gonna really have to earn it because I want it worse than he did.  What a track, it was fun.”

Second place finisher Nathan Benson of Concordia, Missouri had proved to be a front runner all night winning his heat race and challenging King for the win the latter half of the feature.  “You’re a sitting duck when you’ve in the middle of the track,” said second place finisher Nathan Benson.  “I was looking to my left thinking he was coming underneath me and he squeezed by on the top.  We had a good clean race, and I’m glad to see him win.”

Third place finisher Jeremy Camp of Blue Mound, Illinois came from sixth place to bring home another top three.  “Not a bad night,” mentioned third place finisher Jeremy Camp.  “We ran fourth for over half the race there.  Just a lot of thirds here at Belleville.  Hopefully we run well tomorrow.”

POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series results (20 Laps): 1 – Dereck King  2. 2B – Nathan Benson  3. 23 – Jeremy Camp  4. 21Z – Jeremy Zumwalt  5. 40 – Devin Feger  6. 00 – Matt Ponder  7. 21 – Aaron Andruskevitch  8. 14 – Kurt Westerfield  9. 52 – Jason Harms  10. 3N – Jake Neuman  11. 44 – Ayrton Gennetten  12. 14T – Evan Turner  13. 21A – Austin VanToll  14. 10 – Derek LeMaster  15. 77W – Joey Wirth  16. 51B – Joe B. Miller  17. N2 – Nic Harris  18. 83 – Jeff Beasley  19. 14P – Broc Pemberton  20. 30H – Clayton Hisle  21. 118 – Stanley Kreisel  22. 3B – Shelby Bosie


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Brown First-Time Angell Park Winner


By Bryan Gapinski, Sun Prairie, Wis., July 27— Austin Brown won the “78th Anniversary Night” 30-lap Zimbrick Chevrolet of Sun Prairie/Mid-State Equipment Badger Midget Series feature Sunday Night at Angell Park Speedway. Brown became the fourth first-time feature winner at the track this season.


Jake Blackhurst took the lead at the start, and opened up a four car-length advantage over the Brown when the caution appeared on Lap 5 for a slowing car. Blackhurst, Brown, Tyler Thomas, and Brandon Waelti led a four-car breakaway from the remainder of the field. Thomas moved into third place on Lap 12.


Blackhurst held a two-car length lead at the midway point. Brown using lapped traffic passed Blackhurst for the lead entering Turn 3 on Lap 21. Two laps later Blackhurst’s run ended when he stalled on the track bringing out the caution flag. On the restart Brown jumped to a three-car length lead over Thomas. Brown continued increasing his lead each lap, finishing two seconds ahead of Thomas who earlier in the night captured fast time, and victories in the trophy dash and heat race. Andrew Felker, Brandon Waelti, and David Gough completed top five.


“This is great to finally get a victory here” commented Brown who drove the Kenny Brown Racing owned Boss/Toyota No. 7, becoming the 140th different midget feature winner in the tracks 68-year history.


Norm Ehrke scored a wire-to-wire victory winning the 20-lap Badger 600 Micro Series. The victory was his second of the season for the Edgerton, Wis. driver. Ehrke finished ahead of Zach Boden, Matt Paderta, Jake Reif, and series points leader Brandon Sletten.




MIDGETS 30-lap Feature: 1. Austin Brown; 2. Tyler Thomas; 3. Andrew Felker; 4. Brandon Waelti; 5. David Gough; 6. Kevin Olson; 7. Cody Weisensel; 8. Kurt Mayhew; 9. Katlynn Lehr; 10. Jake Blackhurst; 11. Robbie Ray; 12. Bobby Ollerman; 13. Buddy Luebke; 14. Eric Johnson. 10-lap Heat Race Winners: Thomas, Blackhurst. 6-lap Trophy Dash Winner: Thomas. Fast Time: Thomas, 14.662 seconds. Cars Present: 14 Feature Lap Leaders: Blackhurst 1-21, Brown 22-30.